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What can the treatments do for you?

 s- Sports Massage for Athletes
The techniques used are an ideal accompaniment to any athletic training programme. Injuries and chronic pains will be specifically targeted and dealt with, while simple aching and stiffness will be relieved before they have a chance to become more serious. Regular treatments can prevent injury and speed up recovery. They can also considerably enhance physical performance by freeing up the tissues of the body. Contact

 - Massage for Office Workers
It is not as well known as it should be that working for many hours at a desk or computer places great demands on the body. If resulting problems are to be kept to a minimum, it is important to be fully aware of how posture and muscles are affected, and how best to change your desk arrangements and sitting posture to compensate. If your posture has already been compromised, or painful symptoms have already appeared, then a deep and specific body massage is recommended in order to reverse the damage. Hills Road Clinic offers treatments that are highly effective at addressing this type of issue, as well as good general advice for avoiding re-occurrence. Contact

 - Massage for Lower Back Pain
Pain in the lower back is very common. With some of the more serious conditions such as sciatica/prolapsed disc, or where there is damage to the spine, massage may not be able to offer a complete solution, but can encourage the healing process. Many other types of lower back pain, however, can show great improvements by the end of the first or second treatment. Contact

 - Massage for Neck and Shoulder Pain
Neck and shoulder pain is most often caused by improper standing and/or sitting posture. Many people suffer from it to one degree or another, particularly those who spend a lot of time sitting in front of a desk or computer. The back and neck treatments available at Hills Road Clinic are ideal for relieving this pain and restoring proper posture and function to the neck. However, if you have developed bad postural habits it will be necessary to correct these in order to avoid re-occurrence. Advice on how to do this will be included in your treatment. Contact

 - Massage for Joint Problems
When it comes to problems with the joints, there is a surprising amount that remedial massage can do. As a result of working with the surrounding tissues, the joint can become better nourished and more supple. Often there is associated muscle imbalance, as either a cause or symptom of the problem, and correcting this imbalance can take the pressure off the joint, leaving it better able to heal. Contact

 - Massage for Postural Problems
Many of the painful symptoms that people come to accept as a part of day-to-day life, are in fact caused by incorrect posture. For example, many of us have our head too far forward from the shoulders without even realising it. The cause here can be working too long at a computer, driving in a slumped position, or even low self-esteem. Many people have one hip higher than the other, often as a result of unbalanced movement patterns, or standing more on one leg than the other.

As part of your treatment at Hills Road Clinic, you will be given advice and exercises to correct bad posture. Massages will have the effect of relieving painful symptoms, but also of reversing shortness in the tissues, which would otherwise prevent the body from resuming its optimum position. Contact

 - Massage for Headaches
The majority of headaches are actually a symptom of tension in the soft tissues of the head, neck and shoulders. When this tension is released with massage techniques, the headaches may rapidly diminish (Increasing fluid intake may also help). Contact

 - Massage for Injuries
Perhaps you sustained an injury some time ago, which never fully recovered, or perhaps you suffered an onset of painful symptoms, without really knowing how it happened. However efficient the human body may be when it comes to healing, many musculoskeletal problems do not quite get back to 100% on their own. Often this is because the injury site becomes too congested for the body to mend it efficiently, and/or because after a point the body simply forgets that it has an injury. Remedial massage treatments are highly effective, both at facilitating the continued breakdown of congestion in the tissues, and at stimulating the body to resume the healing process. For advice on recent injuries, click here or to book an appointment click Contact

 - Massage for Health and Wellness
You do not need to have any physical problems in order to benefit fromthis sort of massage! If you are in good health, regular deep massage treatments will help you to stay that way. They will give you a lasting feeling of energy and freedom, as tensions are released that you did not even know were there. The muscles will be relaxed on a very deep level, detoxifying the body and relieving emotional stress. Many people have reported sleeping better at night after a treatment. Contact

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