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Hills Road Clinic Patient Testimonials

Voula Tsouna
"...I had my first massage with Jonathan Sedley because I had severe pain in the lower back. The pain was due to bad posture  and had lasted about a month. I felt much better after the first massage and completely well after the second. Since then my back has given me no trouble at all. The results of Jonathan Sedley's massage were simply spectacular in my case..."

Klaus Schmelzer-engineer

"...I had some big problems with my neck. I´m working most of the time in front of my Mac and most of the time the massages i get are not strong enough (I´m 1,96m tall) Jonathan had the right mixture of strengh and in-deepth massage. After 1 hour i felt like newborn! It was very good and i can recommend him definitely. Thank you very much and see u next time....."


"...I found the massage very helpful - I suffer from headaches and it
released a lot of tension I was holding in the neck and back. I was
really impressed with Jonathan's professional approach and the clinic
was warm and welcoming. I appreciated his useful advice on things like
posture to help diagnose what might be causing the headaches. As an
ex-gymnast myself, I had full confidence in his competence and
knowledge. Highly recommended..."

Krystl Mayes - bus driver

"...I just wanted to write to show my appreciation for the wonderful work
you have done on my body.

You are well aware that I was very apprehensive when I first came to
you for the Myofacial release course of treatments as it is not something I
had ever heard of before, but you did a wonderful job at putting my
mind at rest.

I am so glad you did, as my quality of life has improved no-end since I
had the treatments. After being run over 6 years ago and having had bad
posture for the majority of my life I really though there was little
chance of getting rid of all the aches and pains and stiffness which I
had on a daily basis, but you have thankfully proved me wrong by not
only getting rid of the aches, but also straightening the curvature in
my spine and improving my overall posture in the long term.
I thought that after the treatment ended the pain would return after a
few weeks, but a month down the line i'm still as mobile and pain free
as when I finished the treatment.
I have had to keep reminding myself to have good posture and not slip
back into my old routines of slouching etc, but it hasn't been that
difficult as the obvious benefits of a healthy spine which became
apparent throughout the treatment programme made me determined not to
let my body go back to the way it was, ever again.

I have lots of friends and co-workers who sit in poor quality office
chairs all day as I do, so I will most definitely be recommending your
services to all of them..."

Rachel Vollerthun
"...It's been very useful having you available to sort out any aches and pains
over the last year or two. In particular I was amazed how you cured my
headache through neck and shoulder massage. Thanks!..."

Susanna Rostas
"...I had debilitating pain in my back and tension in my shoulder for quite some time, but one session with Jonathan in the quiet of his clinic was really effective in releaving my pain..."

Shaun Noble-public relations representative
"...Jonathan gives a powerful but ultimately relaxing massage. I would recommend him for the over-stressed and tired out...."

Julia Paterno - joiner
"...since i broke my collarbone there have always been tensions and uneven 
tightness in my shoulders,and I never managed to get rid of it really,also
not knowing what to do. That has changed since I have been getting sports
massages and myofacial release with you. Having a painfree shoulder area is

Ben Duncan - retired teacher
"...I came originally to Jonathan for help with breathing problems. His work has led to much improvement in correcting quick, shallow breathing. But he has also dealt with other matters, such as muscular pain and imperfect circulation, and suggested always in which I can work on these. I have found him, while highly skilled, to be modest and open-minded about his work..."


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