myofascial release cambridge

myofascial cambridge

myofascial and sports injury massage in cambridge


 - The myofascial release programme -

Watch your body structure improve with each session! The myofascial release programme comes highly recommended to anyone looking for serious long term results. This approach to massage realises a mutually supportive relationship between the connective tissues of the whole body, and thus focuses on treating the whole person in great detail.

Each session works in different ways and on different areas, until the tissues of the whole body have been affected. The programme improves the health of the entire body, while also offering a more permanent solution to those real problem areas. Ideally the course should consist of 8 sessions, each of 2 hours in length, although other arrangements can be made if this is not convenient.

It is recommended that the treatments are spaced one week from each other, but you can make them further apart if you wish. You will have the option of getting photographs taken throughout the treatment course. This will show you where your postural imbalances are, but more importantly it will show you how they are rapidly improving with every treatment.

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