The following special measures are being taken to reduce the risk from COVID-19, in addition to all the usual good hygiene practices

• The therapist wears a certified FFP2, unless the client requests that he remove it. Additionally, he has already had and recovered from the omicron varient of the C virus in February 2022.

• Many clients choose to wear a face mask to their session, although this is no longer a requirement.

• The therapist applies alcohol hand sanitiser in addition to the usual thorough hand washing (including the forearm and elbow).

• Clients are provided with hand sanitiser and are asked to apply it as they enter the waiting area, and again before leaving.

• The clinic is kept clean and sanitised in accordance with all the required professional standards.

• The window is kept open during treatments.

• Clients must confirm that they have no COVID-19 related symptoms. They must also confirm that there is no reason to suspect they may have been at increased risk of exposure to the virus within the last 10 days.

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